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Among the Challenges today's businesses face, which one is the most challenging, Prospecting?, managing customers?, suppliers?, sales?, your resources?, finances?, or availability of right info at the Right Time? to make the Right Decisions??.

Time Management is First. eWorks takes Time Management as your stepping stone to Your ultimate Brand. Rest, though vital, yet follows, and follows well. We take Branding deeper than the rest of us. Bringing your Brand Elements Together.


Everyone works. Works have different environment. What is Fixed and can not be changed is Time and time flys.


Today’s SMEs face considerable and difficult challenges; lack of resources, tough competition, reduced margins,  lack of time, and topped with the inability to invest in expensive resource management solutions. These challenges are taking the toll in the SME business environment, making it difficult to compete and survive.

We are in the digital World where managing time has become the most challenging task. In this fast paced work environment less time is available to do more and more work.

Most of us do not have the luxury of having assistance to delegate our work. We need to do the work ourselves. Due to competition, reduced margins and other factors, less resources end up performing more work.

In General most of the SMEs have some electronic environment in place. They have a LAN, Internet and email. Most of them work on Windows OS and has different applications such as Accounting software and other applications to ease their day-to-day works. Yet what they lack is a centralized work environment whereby they can get their entire business process done centrally and have the ability to, manage and monitor from a single resource.

Another reality on the ground today is that each individual in an organization has his or her own island of information that is not shared by other colleagues. A mechanism does not exist where by each and every individual and department or divisions of the organization are linked and act as one in a common workflow system. One organization - One eWorks.

In order to achieve efficient business processes investment in management ‘tools’ is required. Very few SMEs can afford, and have invested in CRM and/or ERP solutions. Others shy away from such applications due to high cost of ownership and maintenance.

eWorks is a cost effective alternative to CRM/ERP for SMEs. It works the way you do business and provides maximum yield of your company’s available time and resources.

eWorks is a SYSTEM that addresses the entire spectrum of business; from customers to products, resources and finances to time management in a single file platform. All of your works are in one place, when you need them where you need them, from your office, from your home or from anywhere.

  • How much is eWorks?


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    This is the question that are asked frequently, so we thought to address it first.

    eWorks is an ERP, meaning providing an integrated and collaborative platform to conduct your day to day business. Your Entire Business. Be it Sales, CRM, Financials, HR or Task Management.

    Therefore while considering ERP you need to compare eWorks with other ERPs available in the market today.

    As our eWorks is Adaptable, Flexible and Customizable, so is our payment plans. We believe your investment in eWorks is a zero cost to you.

    How? according to Gartner Group Consulting two technologies will lead the entire IT world and that are ERP and Cloud Computing. Those who embrace ERP are bound to outperform by at least 30% year on year than those who don't.

    Therefore our eWorks initiative comes with a guarantee that your revenue will outperform at least by 30% year on year. Besides we develop a win win relationship with our customers. When our customers believe in our solutions then it becomes natural to us to believe in our customers, their capability and their financial conditions. SMEs normally struggle with cash flow on a day to day basis.

    We provide several payment plans that best suite your cash flow. We can divide your investment into monthly or quarterly payments or even as SAS (Software As a Service). The initial investment can further be reduced to as low as $ 1,000/- by providing you the most required modules and plugging in other modules as your business grow.

    Our eWorks systems have a reputation of benefiting SMEs businesses today. As eWorks understands Your Business so we understand You.


eWorks GT

Dedicated and Customized to Medium to Large General Trading Businesses facing critical challenges of conducting day-to-day business workflow in a more efficient, professional and timely manner.

eWorksGT is a System compared to using several software  to manage business. Lead the way be ahead of Competition and Increase Your Profitability.

eWorks RE

Dedicated and Customized to Real Estate Agents, Buyers Agents, Sellers Agents. In depth knowledge of various categories of Properties, Buyer's Info, Sellers's Info, Regulatory Conditions, Financial Status. Property confidential Costing. Property Location, Views integrated with Audio, Video and Related Property documents and much More

eWorks EM

Customized for Events Management Production houses, Interior FitOut, Advertising Agencies and Industries that are involved in Exhibitions, Product Launches, Concerts, Modelling, Weddings, Celebrations and Annual Events.

eWorks E1

eWorks Executive One.

Empower Yourself and Your Business. A Single Man Enterprise.

If you are an Entrepreneur or owner of small business and have ambitious goals and can not afford expensive ERP then eWorksE1 is for You.

Get Yourself Organized, achieve your Goals and Desires.

eWorks VS

Medium to Large Vehicle Service and Maintenance Businesses.

Manage Your Garage as Never before.

In depth knowledge of Vehicles and its owners. Vehicle Service History. Knowledge of Garage Performance. Inventory Control System and Marketing Tools to Generate additional Revenue



eWorks comprises of Plugin Managers. As an example CRM plugin manages customers, suppliers and prospects. Pre-sales and Post-sales activities. Finance, Tasks, HR and Other activities can be added on-line anytime


Result Oriented. No matter which eWorks all has features like auto-complete, drop-down selection for repeating values, minimal typing, point & click navigation, on the go report additions and single click report generation. 


Completely Customizable and adaptable. Powered by Claris FileMaker - An Apple subsidiary. Start with 5 users and grow to any level. On premise, multi-premises or multi-national System

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