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Re-defining the industry with our groundbreaking solutions and business ideas.

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Embarked on our journey in 1998 when the phenomenon of UAE marketing was at its infancy.

When nothing was given, granted or convenient we ensured that our Vision, Focus and Direction was clear and consistent. Striving against all odds!

2020, The global impact of COVID19. Not only did we survive, but furthered our ambitious expansion.

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We are marketing people with a difference. A group of nerds from all diversities with a Passion and Vision to Serve and Succeed.

OUR VISION - Delivering Results by meeting and exceeding business expectations.

OUR APPROACH - Understand client requirements and flexibility, Communicate transparently, Coordinate Professionally and Deliver on Schedule.

We provide a broad spectrum of marketing services driven by one fundamental rule that Technology and Human Creativity is the driving Force of Everything.


Therefore, our services may be as humble as making your first company logo, your first website or providing an End-to-End Workflow System to your next Turnkey Project.


We have the experience and know how since 1998, to Market Your Brand that builds Your Business.


"Brand is Your Business and Business is your Brand", making your business Professional, Visible, Marketable, and Profitable.



BTL or ATL, a campaign or comprehensive agency services, it is who you are and what you are. Advertise yourself and reach further.


In-house developed, End-to-End Workflow System, Powered by Claris FileMaker - An Apple Computer Inc. subsidiary, completely customizable to your needs.


In this Digital Era. Make your Products & Services known and remembered through our Marketing Campaigns. Creativity has no Limits.


Your Space defines You, be it a Home or Business. Make it aesthetic, appealing, productive, and peaceful.






Ralph Busselot

Owner ColorByte & TruColor

eWorks Global has been with us for many years and they have not failed us. I am proud to say that when they were developing their eWorks  System I could contribute my experiences and thoughts which they duly appreciated and incorporated.

Tony Fernando


I came in contact with eWorks when my business was a startup and now after decades of our business relationship, I realize how crucial and critical is to have an honest relationship. They in every step of the way, shared their true thoughts, what is possible and what is not.

Latifa Saifuddin

GM Sheikha Moaza bin

Saqr Al Nahyan

Our group has multiple businesses such as Real Estate, Hospitality, Building Maintenance Etc/ Initially we approached them for minor marketing services and end up with their End-to-End Workflow eWorks System and we can not imagine how we can be without it.


There is a saying “There are jobs, and then there are careers”

The job is not the aim.

By joining us, you can safely expect to nurture a happy and successful career as part of a group that truly stands out from the rest.

We are fixated on adding true meaning and value to our clients, our partners and our assets (which could be you), using not only our decades of experience, but also our core beliefs and passion.

Our working atmosphere is full of fun and joy.

Most of it is perspiration, the rest is inspiration.